100 Days Of Blogging #33 – Probably The Most Random Blog Post Of Them All But Bear With Me

A stash of 47 copies of Zero Tolerance Magazine has been in my parent’s loft for several years. Before I saw the box, I was thinking of trying to sell them, but once I started pulling them out, I was smashed with the heaviest wave of nostalgia and started thinking, ‘I don’t know if I can part with these for real.’

The first one I leafed through was Issue 40, April/May 2011, and every few moments, there was a band cropping up who I hadn’t listened to in aeons; Gallhammer, Falkenbach, Lifelover, 40 Watt Sun…

So I decided to make a playlist featuring said bands (and more) to indulge myself. 40 Watt Sun don’t have any old stuff on Spotify, but you can check out an old favourite track of mine here and can find the playlist below.

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