In These Last Days Of Winter – Snowdrops

Last week, the snowdrops in the garden were hunkered down as if sleeping. Today though, I noticed their heads were lifted and they appeared wide awake. Despite looking as fragile as could be, snowdrops are extremely hardy and one of the very first spring bulbs to pierce snow cover - the leaf at the top… Continue reading In These Last Days Of Winter – Snowdrops

It’s Been A Strange Day – Sunday Musings

It's been a strange day. The whole weekend has been odd, actually. I've been kind of floating around, feeling all out of sorts, and I haven't been able to put my finger on exactly why I'm feeling this way. I don't know if it's because we're approaching the end of winter, or because my poetry… Continue reading It’s Been A Strange Day – Sunday Musings

On Feeling Off

It's been a peculiar sort of day. I'm not exactly sure what's up, I just In theory, I should be really happy. I had a good morning writing a poem about Akutuq AKA Eskimo Ice Cream. (Great article about it here.) I had a good run and came home with 500 Post-It-Notes. (I'm a… Continue reading On Feeling Off

For The Sake Of Dark Art – Sophie Lécuyer

Anyone else think this month is going by disturbingly fast? The more I urge February to just slow the fuck down, the quicker it goes. It's the end of my third week with no social media and I'm breathing easier. I think I'll write something lengthy about the experience when the end of the month… Continue reading For The Sake Of Dark Art – Sophie Lécuyer

Art Of Hel

At my Waldorf school, World Mythology played a significant role in the curriculum, though it was Norse Mythology that had a lasting impact on me. Hel and her brother Fenrir were the characters that enthralled me most of all. But I suppose that won't come as a surprise! I haven't spent much time thinking about… Continue reading Art Of Hel

Is It Snowing Where You Are? – Winter Art & Words

I spend much of my days researching into and writing about Winter. I'll be writing about Winter as the seasons shift, and the days become longer and warmer, and then, as we move into the colder months again. I'm already anticipating the diary I'll keep from November, by which time I'll hopefully be in Norway.… Continue reading Is It Snowing Where You Are? – Winter Art & Words

January’s Self-Portraits

You know what? January was a relatively good month when it came to self-portraiture. I didn't think that this morning though. This morning I was feeling decidedly morose about the portraits I'd made. I berated myself for not taking more risks, for not exploring dozens of new editing techniques, for not refining the techniques I'd… Continue reading January’s Self-Portraits

Making A Self-Portrait In An Hour

I set myself a challenge today - to try and create a self-portrait in an hour. This is something I'd never attempted to do before, nor even thought about doing prior to this morning. Considering I can sometimes take the best part of a day to create a single portrait that I'm happy with, creating… Continue reading Making A Self-Portrait In An Hour