100 Days Of Blogging #2 – I Did That My Heritage AI Time Machine Thing

I’m not usually one for fads, but when I caught word of the new My Heritage AI Time Machine, I couldn’t pass up on it. I tried, I did, but the idea of ‘seeing myself’ in different historical eras eventually succeeded in seducing me during one slow-paced midweek afternoon.

I hesitated for a few minutes before raiding my phone for photos that would be accepted. The more ‘normal’ the portrait is, the better, and, you see, it’s a scarce thing that I take a photo that looks even remotely ‘normal.’

Anyway, I scraped together a few, not as many as required (they want you from every which way and angle), uploaded them, paid the daft £12 fee and waited, admittedly excitedly, for about an hour for my results to come in.

Well. Many images came back—over a hundred, thereabouts. There was me as a biblical woman, a Persian princess, a Celtic goddess, a Viking… but I’d say a good 40% of them looked like a big cat had mauled me.

There were eras I’m glad I wasn’t born into. For example, I would not have made a good 1920s flapper girl, nor did the 30’s, 40’s or 50’s look even remotely attractive on me. I look horrendous as a Roman woman, a pirate and a world explorer. If I weren’t so self-conscious, I’d show you all the ‘burn them with fire’ faces, but those versions of me are being kept away at a safe distance where they can’t harm anyone.

Anyway, I’m showing you the ones that came out ok (if you ignore the dodgy eyes) and made it worth it doing. I look decent as a cowgirl, and I’d do French royalty me without hesitation. And Persian princess me. And Viking me looks like she could be a whole bunch of fun.

Biblical Woman


Greek Goddess

Ottoman Janissary

Persian Princess



16th Century Royalty

French Aristocratic Lady

French Royalty




US Civil War


Van Gough


Punk Rocker

Futuristic Cyborg

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