The Darkest Days – Robin Redbreast

I’m usually dashing here, there and everywhere, rarely taking a moment to breathe…but on the odd occasion that I spot a robin outside, I come to a sudden standstill and squeal to whoever else is in the house, ‘there’s a robin in the garden, quick, come look!’ I’ll stay rooted to the spot, face and… Continue reading The Darkest Days – Robin Redbreast

Reading In The Dark : The Land Of The Green Man

I loved The Land Of The Green Man: A Journey Through The Supernatural Landscapes Of The British Isles by Carolyne Larrington. I really, really loved it. I think it’s safe to say that, following Folklore, Myths & Legends Of Britain, it’s the best book I’ve read on the subject. I learned so much. It’s a… Continue reading Reading In The Dark : The Land Of The Green Man

Art Of Jenny Greenteeth

In recent days, I've been seeing the name Jenny Greenteeth pop up in comments on my favourite place on the Internet - the Folk Horror Revival group on Facebook. Why I haven't taken the time to look into Jenny before I don't know. The other day, I thought to myself: 'Eh, she won't be that… Continue reading Art Of Jenny Greenteeth

Art Of The Barghest

Since I was small, I've been fascinated with the idea of a demonic black hound, the size of a yearling calf with eyes the colour of hell fire, haunting the dark, lonely moors and lanes of England. Also, the fact it's a legend most commonly associated with my home county of Yorkshire is something that… Continue reading Art Of The Barghest