100 Days Of Blogging #14 – Nordic Cult Folk (Solveig)

I don’t think I’ve talked much about my Nordic Cult Folk project. (I mentioned it in my 100 Good Things From 2022, but I think that’s about it.) It started as a project to photograph folk in Norway wearing bunad/lusekofte and corpse paint. The project has expanded since my initial idea (which I had a few years ago!) I intend to include all the Nordic countries, their traditional costumes and knitwear and not always corpse paint. 

I’ll put out my first photo book this year, and some images from the series will be among the featured photos. Nordic Folk Cult is an ongoing project with, at the moment, no definitive end to it. 

In 2022 I photographed friends in Oslo, Bergen and Reykjavik, and I’ll be returning to these places this year and making a trip to Sweden. The photos below show my gorgeous Norwegian friend Solveig in her bunad (made by her grandmother – respect) and corpse paint on Mount Fløyen in Bergen. If you’re interested, you can find some prints and postcards from our shoot over at my Etsy shop.

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