When I Can’t I Do

Nearly a month ago, I was taken off the medication I’d been on for ten years – citalopram and quetiapine – because the combination of the two was having a worrying effect on my heart. My mood was also as low as low could go, so my doctor wanted to see if something else could… Continue reading When I Can’t I Do

DIY In The Dark : Deer & Muskrat Bone Jewellery

The bones you see here are deer and muskrat bones, and were sent by my especially kind sister shaman AKA Meghan Wood, my bandmate in Cave Mouth. Before I made them into jewellery, I put them in a 6% hydrogen peroxide bath (I’ve done this before…) for several hours, then rinsed them off and let… Continue reading DIY In The Dark : Deer & Muskrat Bone Jewellery

DIY In The Dark : Icicle Earrings

My moods have been cycling so rapidly recently that I don't know which way is up. I have to repeatedly ask what day/date it is and I'm zoning out all the time. Waking up crying has become the norm and I'm being referred to a heart specialist because the medication I've been on for ten… Continue reading DIY In The Dark : Icicle Earrings

DIY In The Dark : Beachcombed Claw Necklace

So I was beachcombing on Saltburn beach the other day - if you're interested, my previous post is all about it - and I found a particularly fantastic little piece of driftwood shaped something like a claw. A view of the claw before it started its transformation. From the moment I picked it up, I… Continue reading DIY In The Dark : Beachcombed Claw Necklace

DIY In The Dark : The Blair Witch Project Stick Figure

The Blair Witch Project is, in my humble opinion, one of the best horror films. I've talked about it several times before so I won't ramble about its greatness. Recently though I've been feeling this strong as hell desire to craft one of the stick figurines. I think it might have something to do with… Continue reading DIY In The Dark : The Blair Witch Project Stick Figure