The Kid Who Loved The Dark – The Black Rabbit Of Inlé

I've been re-watching the scenes from the 1978 film Watership Down which feature the Black Rabbit of Inlé. (You can find them buried at the bottom of this post if you'd like to watch them too.) I wanted to find out if they still brought about the same feelings of foreboding as those I found… Continue reading The Kid Who Loved The Dark – The Black Rabbit Of Inlé

Art Of Watership Down

I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen Watership Down. I lost count years ago. My dad videotaped it off the TV when I was under double figures. If I remember rightly, he taped over something else and wrote WATERSHIP DOWN over whatever title the previous film had. My siblings and I played that… Continue reading Art Of Watership Down

Watership Down Worship : Etsy Finds

On the 24th of December, one of my all-time favourite authors Richard Adams passed away. To honour his finest work and a book which changed my life and inspired the direction I would take as a writer, I will be sharing my favourite artistic finds which celebrate Watership Down. Today I've been on Etsy and… Continue reading Watership Down Worship : Etsy Finds

My Heart Has Joined The Thousand

Today I learned about the passing of Richard Adams, the author of the novel Watership Down, a book to which I owe so much. We had the cartoon adaptation from 1978 on VHS and I watched it repeatedly throughout my childhood, at least a few times a week for several years and then a couple… Continue reading My Heart Has Joined The Thousand

365 Days Of Dark Art : 65 / Caitlin Hackett

So, we have reached day 65 of the 365 days of Dark Art series. (I'm aware that some have been posted on odd days, and for this I apologise, but life, you know?) Anyway, I wanted to feature an artist who I think is really bloody special for this 65th post. The artist I opted… Continue reading 365 Days Of Dark Art : 65 / Caitlin Hackett

Black Rabbit of Inlé

The animated adaptation of Richard Adam's groundbreaking novel Watership Down - still one of my favourite reads, I highly recommend it - introduced me to the harsh realities of death when I was well under double figures. Despite the deep feeling of terror and intense grief that it installed when I was a young un,… Continue reading Black Rabbit of Inlé