Reading In The Dark : A Sort Of Review Of Trigger Warning By Neil Gaiman

When I first discovered the writing of Neil Gaiman, I. Was. Addicted. It was first his collection of short fictions and poetry Fragile Things, followed by his masterpiece The Sandman. The Sandman is, hands down, the best, and I mean the best comic book series in existence. If you haven't read it, I STRONGLY URGE… Continue reading Reading In The Dark : A Sort Of Review Of Trigger Warning By Neil Gaiman

365 Days Od Dark Art : 89 / Adam Burke

Adam Burke's  work will change your outlook on fantasy art forever. Fantasy artists are a big influence, I mean they’re just embedded in my psyche as this forbidden fruit from childhood. Now as I illustrate for other bands or my own band, I try to tap into those feelings I had when I saw this… Continue reading 365 Days Od Dark Art : 89 / Adam Burke

365 Days Of Dark Art : 64 / Thore Hansen

I would not know about the artwork of Norwegian artist Thore Hansen if it wasn't for a kindly reader over at my blog The Girl With Cold Hands. I logged in this morning to find a comment encouraging me to check him out, which I did, immediately. And I wasn't disappointed. Thore's work harked back… Continue reading 365 Days Of Dark Art : 64 / Thore Hansen

The Kin Fables Trilogy

Back in September 2013 I had the great fortune to be introduced to the fantastical cinematic journey Kin Fables. I returned to this beautifully shot, dreamy production time and again. Naturally, I had to interview the team behind it - the gifted McKinnon brothers. You can read the interview here. Come 2015 and the brothers… Continue reading The Kin Fables Trilogy