Listen To The Leather

Listen To The Leather is a store based in San Fransisco, which offers handmade, custom bags made without electric tools. Owner Salvatore Grande is part of a dying breed of leather workers. With Listen To The Leather he is making a stand for true artists and craftsmen.

None of my bags ever touch any electric tools. No sewing machines, no saws or strap cutters, no mechanical presses, not even scissors. This is not some vain attempt to prove a smug point, this is the way that I feel it needs to be done. Leather cannot be forced to do something that it does not want to and it cannot be crudely manipulated into cookie-cutter designs then mass assembled by cold machines. Every piece that I make is as unique as the leather that it came from. Every bag that I make consists of minimal cuts or sections. I try to keep the leather as close to whole as possible. I respect the leather. I listen to the leather. Thank you for taking the time to look at my collaborations with it. – Salvatore Grande


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