Raise The Horns For Halloween / A Day Out At The Gallows


Winter’s Gibbet, on Steng Cross, in Elsdon, Northumberland, remains a popular venue for a day’s excursion. Named after one William Winter, hanged at Newcastle’s Westgate in 1792 for murder and whose body was subsequently displayed as a warning to all Steng Cross, the current gibbet is the latest in a long line of wooden replacements. What is perhaps most surprising to us about this picture (top of the page) is the seeming formality of the group’s clothes. It is a cold day – but not that cold, given that the group is wearing hats and scarves, but not gloves. And this is a family group – there are resemblances to be seen. What has brought them together? What were they commemorating in this photograph, under the wooden head of William Winter? – Chris Wild.

2 thoughts on “Raise The Horns For Halloween / A Day Out At The Gallows”

  1. I wonder if they have found out they are related to someone who was executed there? Or maybe they just like slightly ghoulish days out. Sure beats a theme park 🙂

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