100 Days Of Blogging #10 – A Moor Of Her Own

I went up into the hills today. It was unseasonably sunny, so not ideal photo weather…but I was feeling inspired as fuck and couldn’t stay inside. I was expecting to see HORDES of walkers on my wanderings because of the summer-like weather in winter. But, to my absolute delight, I saw not a soul. It might help that I do take the lesser trodden ways. 

Despite the death I found (RIP, friends) and the bag of dog shit I saw on a high moor road – 0nce again, I ask, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE? – it was a stupendous hike. I saw dozens and dozens and dozens of rabbits which pleased me immensely – how they manage to get shot is beyond me, as they’re ever so swift – and heard a fox, at least I think it was a fox, let out this most unearthly noise from the woods. 

I also saw two owls hunting. I will never not be thrilled when I see owls. My jaw drops every single time I do. One of them was hanging around on a fence post and wafted off when it saw me galumphing towards it, and the other was just silently winging over a field and into a wood.

Anyway, here are some shots. I didn’t realise how my hand looked in the topless photo (the joys of self-portraiture), but I thought it worked out ok. 

3 thoughts on “100 Days Of Blogging #10 – A Moor Of Her Own”

  1. I can’t sleep and keep jumping from one site to the next and came somehow by your site. And among all the pictures and words I’ve seen – these fascinate and touch me. So beautiful. Thank you

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