May’s Self-Portraits

Hello? Is anyone still there? It’s been a long while, I know. I’ve missed being here, gods, I’ve really missed it. But May was a whirlwind of a month, and I’m still trying to find my feet after it threw me back down to earth.

I want to update you on all that happened – the good and the grim – but I need to gather my thoughts and plan it. It can’t be one of those ‘hash it out’ posts I’m so fond of. So, I thought today I’d share with you some self-portraits I took during May. 

I’m proud I managed to conjure up a fair few, as, before the month swung around, I was terrified I’d never have another decent idea for a photograph ever again. This happens to me quite often, actually, and with my writing too. 

There will be moments where my day will grind to a halt, and I’ll be like, ‘Fuck. I’m all out. I have nothing left to give, and I’ll never have anything to give again!’ While I know it’s a ridiculous and irrational way of thinking, it’s all too easy for me to believe it when my stupid head insists you’ve ‘run out of ideas because you’re a fraud.’

And breathe. 


I thought about discussing the different inspirations behind May’s self-portrait journey, but perhaps it would be nice if I did less talking and more showing. I hope you enjoy today’s offerings.

4 thoughts on “May’s Self-Portraits”

  1. WOW. Not only does this represent a staggering quantity of ideas and productivity, but some of these images really epitomise that black metal / horror feeling: terror and fascination in equal measure. I’m bookmarking this page for inspiration with my own black art.

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