Sound Of The Day : Gaetir, The Mountainkeeper

The man behind such great solo musical projects as Paleowolf and Temple of Gnosis brings to us another sensational musical endeavour. Inspired by Norse mythology and the mythic ages of old, Gaetir, The Mountainkeeper is a combination of neofolk, ritual ambient, doom metal and epic neo classical. I am loving every thing I have heard… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Gaetir, The Mountainkeeper

Interview : Paleowolf

Paleowolf is the sort of music project that comes along once in a blue moon, and as much as Facebook annoys me a lot of the time, I have to thank it for introducing me to this beautiful, transcendental endeavour. During my first read thorough of the interview you're about the encounter, my smile threatened… Continue reading Interview : Paleowolf

Eliwagar / Pagan Folk

Finding a musical project which engages all of my senses and keeps me coming back for more is extremely rare nowadays, especially where Pagan folk music is concerned. So much of it sounds mediocre and rehashed. So I was delighted to come across Eliwagar the other day (thank you You Tube), a Norse Heathen Neofolk… Continue reading Eliwagar / Pagan Folk