Prometheus Art & Design


Sometimes people come into my life and their talent, enthusiasm and drive makes me want to shout out to the world ‘come and see what this creative soul has to offer! They deserve your time and attention!’ This is one such time and the individual is Alexander Wolf, the man behind musical endeavours such as the ambient/ritualistic project Paleowolf (I interviewed him about Paleowolf here), occult death/doom project Temple of Gnosis and neofolk project Gaetir, The Mountainkeeper.

11050247_104598909876634_5731891380624017309_n11196255_103724109964114_2391073695892203924_n11204016_103724163297442_1034202367140710616_nWolf not only creates all of the music, but he is also the one behind the art and designs for all three projects. Now, if you have been bowled over by his exquisite work, and can see your own projects decorated in a similar vein, you will be delighted to know that Wolf has recently established Prometheus Art & Design which offers a wide variety of services for low and flexible prices. Services include logo and cover designs, website design and graphic artwork. If you need any more motivating factors to get in touch with Prometheus Art & Design then I suggest you keep on reading!

11008641_102581923411666_828798418107731834_n 11013368_102918046711387_3545521132596829197_n11150669_102581996744992_473902696460250802_nI enjoy this kind of work, I have a band/project myself and I know how much it’s important to look good online. Oftentimes it’s the package which makes the product be sold and successful. And in the same way it’s not very easy to reach the people with your creations and draw attention. We can’t know everything ourselves, and oftentimes we need help from the others. I know how this kind of help is important and therefore I’m really flexible with prices. My only goal is to help your creations look great, feel great and draw attention to people, and to offer you a chance of success you deserve. – Prometheus Art & Design.

Prometheus Art & Design is the very first art and design advertisement that I will be featuring here on Wyrd Words & Effigies. If you can see your own company sitting well in this dark, wyrd space please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me at for details on ad sizes and prices.

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