Wyrd Words Book Club : Some Will Not Sleep

I think most folk have heard about The Ritual by now, be it via the movie on Netflix or the original novel. Well, for this week's Wyrd Word's Book Club Read, I've chosen Some Will Not Sleep by Adam Nevill, the author of The Ritual. Some Will Not Sleep is a collection of Nevill's best… Continue reading Wyrd Words Book Club : Some Will Not Sleep

The Ritual by Adam Nevill – Book Review

When The Ritual arrived, I spent a good five minutes admiring the cover art of an ancient Scandinavian forest. It has a constricted, sinister feel to it, achieved through multiple layering and ‘ancient green’ colouring. It's a place humans avoid, a primordial place best left alone, to coil and knot in and around itself. I… Continue reading The Ritual by Adam Nevill – Book Review