Words On Anneliese Michel

It takes a lot to scare me, ok? But last night, when I was working on an article about possessed kids, I found myself too fucking terrified to finish what I was doing. I needed to put my laptop down and fucking burn it into bed. I didn't even switch off the lights, brush my… Continue reading Words On Anneliese Michel

Trail Camera Discoveries

I have always found fear exhilarating, and would greatly enjoy it when my mother would tell me tales of actual hauntings that she and her grandparents experienced. I wanted to hear these stories over and over again, so would ask her to repeat them on a regular basis. I never tired of hearing the same… Continue reading Trail Camera Discoveries

The Ritual by Adam Nevill – Book Review

When The Ritual arrived, I spent a good five minutes admiring the cover art of an ancient Scandinavian forest. It has a constricted, sinister feel to it, achieved through multiple layering and ‘ancient green’ colouring. It's a place humans avoid, a primordial place best left alone, to coil and knot in and around itself. I… Continue reading The Ritual by Adam Nevill – Book Review