Wyrd Words Book Club : Some Will Not Sleep

I think most folk have heard about The Ritual by now, be it via the movie on Netflix or the original novel. Well, for this week’s Wyrd Word’s Book Club Read, I’ve chosen Some Will Not Sleep by Adam Nevill, the author of The Ritual.

Some Will Not Sleep is a collection of Nevill’s best early horror stories, brought together for the first time. I thought The Ritual was a satisfying novel and I loved the film to death, so for one, I’m uber eager to open up this collection and get creeped out.

Interesting fact: The Ritual was actually one of the very first things I talked about on Wyrd Words And Effigies way back when the blog launched in 2013.

“In ghastly harmony with the nightmarish visions of the award-winning writer’s novels, these stories blend a lifelong appreciation of horror culture with the grotesque fascinations and childlike terrors that are the author’s own. Winner of the British Fantasy Award for Best Collection, 2017.” – Amazon

If you’re a member of Kindle Unlimited, you can read Some Will Not Sleep for free!

If you would like to know what folks thought of last weeks read, The Fiends In The Furrows : A Folk Horror Anthology, head on over to the Facebook group or the Instagram page!

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