Watership Down Worship : Etsy Finds

On the 24th of December, one of my all-time favourite authors Richard Adams passed away. To honour his finest work and a book which changed my life and inspired the direction I would take as a writer, I will be sharing my favourite artistic finds which celebrate Watership Down.

Today I’ve been on Etsy and have uncovered a whole hoard of treasures. I’m hoping to get my mitts on some badges soon, and I have my eye on this ink  drawing too.

Have you read the book? Do you have a favourite quote? Have you seen the film? Do you cry when you hear the song Bright Eyes? (Not ashamed to admit that I do. Every time. Without fail.) What do you think of the treasures I’ve found and do you have a favourite?

Watership Down Badges / Animal Alies Clothing


Black Rabbit Of Inle Ink Drawing / Nat Loves Rooby


Watership Down Illustration / Shana Patry


Black Rabbit Of Inle Back Patch / Animal Alies Clothing


Watership Down Wooden Chest / The Burn Tree


Watership Down Rabbit Art Print / Honey Bee And The Hare


Black Rabbit Of Inle Embroidery Hoop / Eldritch Stitchery



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