100 Days Of Blogging #23 – I’m Having A ‘It’s Just Not Happening’ Day

You know those days when it’s just not happening? I’m having one of those. I feel heavy, tired, and a fraction anxious because I have an MRI tomorrow. I’m also irritated because I had something cool planned for today’s post celebrating International Women’s Day. But not every day can be glorious, can it? I wanted to share at least something, though.

Here’s a poem from my collection, My Heart Is A Forest, which fits well with today’s theme. It was initially published in Full Moon & Foxglove: An Anthology Of Witches & Witchcraft (Three Drops Press).

I was going to say it’s a poem from five years ago. However, YouTube gleefully reminded me it’s actually from SEVEN years ago. Can’t say I appreciated that. 

But it made me think it’s about time I made some new poetry videos or recordings. 

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