Trail Camera Discoveries

I have always found fear exhilarating, and would greatly enjoy it when my mother would tell me tales of actual hauntings that she and her grandparents experienced. I wanted to hear these stories over and over again, so would ask her to repeat them on a regular basis. I never tired of hearing the same stories, rather, I felt excited because it was a chance for me to pick up on any details I might have missed and ask more questions.

Nowadays I practically inhale found footage movies, and photographs which present something that shouldn’t be there… My latest find is this collection of the scariest things ever captured by trail cameras.

desktop-1428505169 desktop-1428505170 desktop-1428505172 desktop-1428505173 desktop-1428505175 desktop-1428505176 desktop-1428505178 desktop-1428505188 desktop-1428505190

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