Everything You Need For Halloween At Home From Creative, Small Businesses

Halloween is 61 days away. I swear I thought it was sooner. Much sooner. Probably because I’m raging with excitement for it this time around. I’m spending about 12 of the 24 hours I get in a day on Pinterest, finding worthwhile Halloween DIY projects and gathering inspo for decorating the apartment.

When I’m not on Pinterest I’m on Etsy, finding the best of the best of the best things and stuff to make your Halloween everything you want it to be.

Everything I’ve found here is made and sold by creative small businesses (including yours truly) and while it might not be as convenient as running into the supermarket and grabbing from their ‘Halloween Range,’ knowing that you’re helping someone shape their dream is just the best possible feeling. There is something here for everyone, with prices starting from under £3 for some of the wares.

I know 61 days feels like an age away, but I advise that, if something here sufficiently haunts your heart, get it ordered so you can be sure it’ll be there in time for your celebration.

Pumpkin Banner / ViVi Creative


Needle Felted Wool Pumpkins / DiDiDaydream


Bats 3D Wall Decoration / DementiaShop


Halloween Embossing Rolling Pin / OmaMarta


Ceramic Ghosts / 99Heads


Samhain Candle / IlluminatiWaxworks


Pumpkin Spice Soap (Vegan) / KiltedSuds


Flying Witch Burlap Pillow / TheNestUK


White Chocolate Skull / BlackChocolateCo


Halloween Greeting Card / Katie Metcalfe


3 thoughts on “Everything You Need For Halloween At Home From Creative, Small Businesses”

  1. Cool ideas! I was thinking of finding some place that sells cheese cloth and adding starch to make ghosts that I can put in the trees with some twinkle lights. I have my old lady and old man masks and will probably revamp the witchy cauldron with the crone stirring her pot of head! Gotta see how the weather holds so they don’t get damaged. Still looking for other nick-knacks to use (with the autumn color pallet.

      1. If all goes well, I will post. Currently I am still in the process of packing away the summer and unused items in prep for my hubster’s return with his friend. Still can’t find my fall stuff. 😦

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