List Of Lust

So here we are, the first ‘proper’ post! And what better way to get things rolling than with talking about stuff I’d love to have but can’t.

List Of Lust is a very self-explanatory feature…I’m basically rounding up all the wyrd things that I’ve had my eye on over the past week, and putting them up here so I can be all lustful and feel doubly depressed about not being able to afford anything on said list.

But just because my bank account is gathering dust and mother spiders, it doesn’t mean my readers shouldn’t get to see what’s bringing my world to a standstill this week.

PLUS…everyone behind everything on a List Of Lust are small business owners and entrepreneurs of the dark who need support to keep their creative journeys moving forward.

Unicorn Skull Mask – Oonacat

I’ve been on the trail of  dark creative extraordinaire Oonacat for years now. I first found love with her hoof heels back in 2014.

When this Unicorn Skull Mask made an unexpected appearance on my Facebook feed, I immediately thought to myself ‘hmm, I wonder if , magically, there’s enough money for this in my bank account…’ knowing fine well there wasn’t going to be.

“This is for those that frequently transverse between both worlds. This is one of the many faces, of the creatures that run across the open spaces, and disappear between the shadows of the trees.”

– Oonacat

The skull comes with a four different horn options, and it’s crafted to have very realistic proportions, which still enable the wearer to be able to see out.

Rune Necklace Algiz – Ancient Hearts

Ancient Hearts is one of those Etsy shops that you find then think to yourself, ‘HOW has this only just come into my life now?’ I can’t remember where I found out about it, I think it was through Instagram where the beautiful Mai Magi was wearing one of the German based company’s fake fur collars.

I’ve just found out that Ancient Hearts is so much more than just the Etsy shop. It’s actually a one-woman art and witchcraft project that covers several artistic areas. But today I’m here to talk about The Rune Necklace Algiz because I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT IT!


“Ancient Hearts is about creating things on the verge between Fantasy and Reality. Pictures that make you wonder, items that lure you into a world of magick. Ancient Hearts is about traditions within a modern context, dreams within your everyday life, finding hope in a world full of sorrow and creating worlds that fit people…”

– Ancient Hearts

This copper plated necklace is perfect in it’s simplicity.  I’m crazy about the texture and, while I’m not usually that attracted to copper, I can’t fault this beautiful talisman.

Morbid Curiosity : A Game About Death

I can’t remember how I first heart about Morbid Curiosity. It might have been Haute Macabre. After I’d done about 30 seconds of investigation, I already knew that it was something that I NEEDED to invest in. At the time it only existed (to my knowledge) as a project on Kickstarter.

I didn’t hear anything else for a while, but now it’s come to my attention that the game now DOES exist! And it looks fucking magnificent. I swear, as soon as I come into possession of $25 that doesn’t have to go towards keeping my belly full, I’m fucking getting this and it’s NEVER going to leave my sight.

‘Morbid Curiosity uses trivia and conversation to ignite curiosity and conversation about the greatest mystery of all – death. Takes only minutes to learn to play, provides hours of curious, deep, and irreverent conversation.’

– Morbid Curiosity

Doesn’t it just sound like the best game ever created in the history of ever?

Black Dragon in Trunk Leather Backpack – Bob Basset

‘Dad, can I please have $1750 for a Black Dragon Backpack?’ Is what I would ask if my father happened to be a Russian mafia boss, and flipping me that amount of money didn’t have him batting an eyelid. Sadly for me my Dad isn’t a Russian mafia boss. Crafted out of Italian vegetable tanned hard leather, this beautiful beast is available to order and takes 2 months to make.

“Dragons were from the beginning.”

– Bob Basset


That’s what I have for this week, but let’s keep lusting! What was your favourite lust item here?

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