Special Things For Your Little Shadow

Ever since I discovered out I was pregnant, I’ve been finding it really, really hard not to spend hours at a time browsing the astounding range of meticulously handcrafted goods available for little shadows on Etsy.

Once I get started, I think of another search term, then another, then another… Sometimes I just let myself go, and I’m glad that I do because I’ve found some of the most perfect little things that have just the right amount of creepiness without going OTT or a touch of the feral about them.

One of the best things about purchasing any of these things is that by doing so, you are actively supporting small, creative businesses and helping people to continue working with what they love most in the world.

Baby Witch Hat / Baba Moon


Wolf Baby Rattle / Manzanitakids


Grey Wolf Mobile / Katlabancz


Scandi Fox Playmat / The Bears Design


Wooden Toy Witch / Happy Bungalow


The Babadook Plush Toy / Dr Franken Becky


Felted Witch Doll / Elfkendalfairies


Woodland Crib Bedding / Designs By Christy S


Wooden Toy Witch House / Wooden Gift Store



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