Never Forget Who You Are : 10 Of My Favourite Witchcraft Inspired Necklaces

The resurgence of witchcraft in recent years has been something remarkable to witness. Every day, or so it seems, another blog, or magazine, or subscription crate is being cracked open and revealed to the world. And this widespread surge of creativity is deeply inspirational.

One aspect of this re-birth that I’ve been unable to ignore (and nor would I want to) is the way in which jewellery designers are creating their own homages to the craft, usually using silver and a wealth of crystals to assemble their visages. Silver is the witches metal, and is especially valued for its use in magickal work related to femininity, motherhood and emotional stability, as well as lunar magick, cleansing and psychic abilities.

I spent a good few hours gathering what I deem to be the best of the best witchcraft inspired necklaces out there. On my search, quality was one of my main requirements. If you’re going to be investing in a necklace (and most of these are investment pieces) you do not want it breaking on you a couple of months down the line.

You want to be able to be buried with your piece. Or you want to be able to pass it on to someone special when the end comes.

Please do let me know which necklace is your favourite in the comments, and if you know of any other jewellery designers I should be keeping an eye on!

*I have converted most of the prices from Swedish currency to American, so some of the prices may differ slightly when you click on the links.

Witches Brew / Blood Milk Jewels / $250


The Witching Hour / Blood Milk Jewels / $250


The Broomstick Necklace / Bloodmilk / From $95


The Pentacle Necklace / Tail Hoax / $78


Witch Heart Necklace / Tress Temptress / $49


Witch Broom Necklace / Fox Lark / $125


Smokey Quartz Necklace / The Witches Mark / $92


Waxing Moon Pendant / Dark Wood Jewelry / $55


The Witches Besom / The Witches Mark / $87


Alchemy Earth Symbol Necklace / Fox Lark / $66





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