Malin Mellryd Etsy Store

There was reason for excitement this morning, when I discovered that Swedish creative Malin Mellryd had launched an Etsy store selling - for the moment - jewellery. Malin's pendents are made from natural materials such as stone and wood, and crafted by hand. One of the first things that drew my attention when I encountered… Continue reading Malin Mellryd Etsy Store

Interview : Ysambre Fauntography

Inspired by nature, mythological creatures and music, Ysambre Fauntography provides an escape into a different world. I repeatedly find myself going back to the enthralling images of fantastical creatures and forests with heavy mantles of mist, dramatic mountain ranges and humans intertwined with the earth itself. Can you please tell us a little bit about… Continue reading Interview : Ysambre Fauntography