Malin Mellryd Etsy Store

There was reason for excitement this morning, when I discovered that Swedish creative Malin Mellryd had launched an Etsy store selling – for the moment – jewellery. Malin’s pendents are made from natural materials such as stone and wood, and crafted by hand.

One of the first things that drew my attention when I encountered Malin’s work a wee while ago, was the extraordinary level of care and detail that goes into each and every piece she creates.

My favourite pieces from her store include the magnificent Ægishjálmur Stone Pendant, which is made from a stone found in an old cave in Sweden, and the utterly exquisite Vegvísir Pendant. Prices range from £34.45 for a small stone pendent to £68 for an intricately designed Mjolnir Pendent.






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