Interview : Finnish Black Metal Band Förgjord

Förgjord are, in my opinion, one of Finland’s supreme black metal exports, and to have them feature on Wyrd Words & Effigies is an honour of the highest degree. What's Förgjord’s back story? When did the band come into existence? It was almost twenty years ago when Prokrustes formed the band with two other members.… Continue reading Interview : Finnish Black Metal Band Förgjord

Dream Of The Wolf By Scott Bradfield – Book Review

I first encountered Scott Bradfield in The Mammoth Book of Wolf Men, with his incredible short story The Dream of the Wolf. I purchased his short story collection almost immediately, greedy for more of his dark and sinister writing. The cover of my copy is not electrifying. I don’t know if there was a wraparound… Continue reading Dream Of The Wolf By Scott Bradfield – Book Review