Interview : Anita Arora Of SIGIL

I am so, so thrilled to be bringing this interview to you today.  Anita Arora of the jewellery and leather accessories brand SIGIL has been a friend of mine for several years, and I’ve been watching in awe as she has built her business up. In the circles I move in, it’s rare to encounter… Continue reading Interview : Anita Arora Of SIGIL

I Give To You This Ring Of Bone

Another day, another exquisite Etsy find. Today's discovery is a handcrafted, adjustable bone brass ring by SanSanAtelier. If you're looking for a wedding ring with a dark difference, then look no further. At £28.51 it is an absolute steal. It's also available in golden brass and silver, but for this particular piece, I think black… Continue reading I Give To You This Ring Of Bone

Cindy Leper : NIGREDO

Jewellery designer Isabella Rosa is the woman behind independent jewellery brand Cindy Leper. Self-taught in crafting, Isabella creates stunning, distinctive jewellery using ethically sourced materials, including reclaimed wood and bones. Everything Isabella makes is 100% handcrafted in Italy. I've been infatuated with the jewellery from Cindy Leper for quite some time now, and spent ages… Continue reading Cindy Leper : NIGREDO

Jewelry For The Dead

Corey Weidmann  of Jewelry for the Dead creates wearable, affordable art - jewellery, bags and clothing - inspired by the dark and weird. Every piece available in the Jewelry for the Dead Etsy store has been handmade with materials acquired  by searching thoroughly through antique shops and natural resources such as streams, forests and rivers. Here… Continue reading Jewelry For The Dead

The Witches & Wraiths Of Instagram : Burial Ground

I have known about Burial Ground and their magickal, handsculpted jewellery for quite some time now. Founded by Jamie Mooers and Bill Crisafi, the wares that emerge from Burial Ground are inspired by occultism, spirituality and nostalgia. I would, if I could, own everything they have put out into the world. Despite being aware of… Continue reading The Witches & Wraiths Of Instagram : Burial Ground