Sound Of The Day : Apathie

My knowledge of German black metal isn't all that brilliant to be honest, but I was still a bit taken aback that it's taken until 2017 for me to listen to Apathie, an astoundingly solid project that formed in Oberlausitz way back in 2009. Better late than never though, right? Right. I was on Bandcamp… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Apathie

Sound Of The Day : ColdWorld

It has been a shockingly long time since I last listened to the genius that is Germany's one man depressive black metal project ColdWorld. I'm going to spend some time over at Metal Archives doing some catching up on what I've missed once I'm done here. I re-encountered ColdWorld while browsing on BandCamp. Oh my… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : ColdWorld

Sound Of The Day : Enthumanisiert

I told you I'd come back with some Black Metal that satisfies... German BM project Enthumanisiert (I wouldn't even dare try and pronounce that...) is a step above most of the new projects that have started out in the past few years. My attention was kept for the duration of their debut EP Auf dem… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Enthumanisiert

Sound Of The Day : Horn

German black metal band Horn is providing the soundtrack to my Saturday. This one man project has an illustrious discography, one I am greatly looking forward to mining. The song you will find below is entitled Alpenlan II and is taken from the Jahreszeiten / Die Kraft der Szenarien album released in 2015. AlpenlandII is… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Horn

Interview : Gratzug

Offenbarung from Gratzug's third full-length release of the same title was my introduction to this outstanding German black metal project, fronted by the multi-talented Mephistopheles. I have inserted the track below and strongly suggest you listen to it while reading this interview. What inspired the formation of Gratzug and what were your initial goals with… Continue reading Interview : Gratzug