Sound Of The Day : ColdWorld

It has been a shockingly long time since I last listened to the genius that is Germany's one man depressive black metal project ColdWorld. I'm going to spend some time over at Metal Archives doing some catching up on what I've missed once I'm done here. I re-encountered ColdWorld while browsing on BandCamp. Oh my… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : ColdWorld

Sound Of The Day : Ether

It's been a good, long while since I've featured some black metal from Canada. So I'll change that today, and introduce you to Ether, a depressive project from Quebec. The track you're about to listen to has been taken from their second full-length album Hymns of Failures. It might take a few listens for it… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Ether

Sound Of The Day : Forest Cult

Every day I head to YouTube in the hope that there will be something on my homepage that grabs my attention. Today it was Finnish depressive black metal project Forest Cult. Friends, this band is something really fucking special. I highly recommend you give the single My Ancient Roots a listen.  

Sound Of The Day : Ofdrykkja

My sound of the day is from Swedish depressive black metal project Ofdrykkja (which means 'excessive drinking' in Old Norse). Their track Urban Enlightenment of Desolation is outfuckingstanding. Seriously, this is some of the best depressive black metal I've ever encountered...and believe me, I've waded through masses of the stuff. The cold atmosphere conjured is… Continue reading Sound Of The Day : Ofdrykkja