Sound Of The Day : Apathie

My knowledge of German black metal isn’t all that brilliant to be honest, but I was still a bit taken aback that it’s taken until 2017 for me to listen to Apathie, an astoundingly solid project that formed in Oberlausitz way back in 2009. Better late than never though, right? Right.

I was on Bandcamp – I hang out a lot there nowadays – and had noped about 130 bands before landing on the sublime cover of their 2012 full-length Trugbilder einer Erinnerung.

I thought to myself ‘oh fuck, this cover art is so bloody good that I’m going to be seriously. seriously disappointed if the music is shit.’

I tentatively accepted Dämmerung the offering track Bandcamp wanted me to listen to and, thankfully, within moments I could rest easy. It was what I’d hoped for and more. A gorgeously creepy, deeply atmospheric 2.55 min track with just the most perfectly horrific vocals. Give yourself a few minutes alone, darken the room, sit back and enjoy.

I haven’t been able to find the video on YouTube, but you can listen here.


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