Sturmideenkind Photography

After a handful of stressful days, I felt the need to slow down, let go of reality and let myself be enchanted for a while. That’s when Sturmideenkind Photography came in…11694863_1643341445902531_4331623776511230714_n10940607_1578547655715244_4602570360817770392_n10710515_1522735837963093_2342690461029877792_n10659292_1525919747644702_358413343597198160_n10541981_1508251582744852_7553643694201422050_n10429859_1592748050961871_3746325002980038795_n10407177_1532353347001342_7700048773521154526_n10384605_1489181521318525_6133477671410095875_n644398_1582132202023456_6110840846567118479_n

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