When I Can’t I Do

Nearly a month ago, I was taken off the medication I’d been on for ten years – citalopram and quetiapine – because the combination of the two was having a worrying effect on my heart. My mood was also as low as low could go, so my doctor wanted to see if something else could… Continue reading When I Can’t I Do

DIY In The Dark : Deer & Muskrat Bone Jewellery

The bones you see here are deer and muskrat bones, and were sent by my especially kind sister shaman AKA Meghan Wood, my bandmate in Cave Mouth. Before I made them into jewellery, I put them in a 6% hydrogen peroxide bath (I’ve done this before…) for several hours, then rinsed them off and let… Continue reading DIY In The Dark : Deer & Muskrat Bone Jewellery

The Society Of Strays

The Society of Strays are all about scavenging and scrounging, then creating hugely impressionable works with what they find. Their creations are statement pieces, jewellery you simply can't ignore. (They do have other works in their store, so be sure to take a look.) The animals once cradled by the bones and skulls you see here… Continue reading The Society Of Strays