Hex Of The Day – Níundi

A Hex On Your Head

One of my favourite musical discoveries of 2020 was Níundi. Based in Sweden, this ritualistic dark folk/ambient project is made up of Leslie Chepstow andHenry Möller. On the band’s Bandcamp page, they say:‘Níundi is the supercharged atmosphere found between fire and ice. And within this liminal and misty shadow of dark Norse magick, ritual and ancient story can be heard.’

I’ve searched for interviews and features to garner more knowledge about Níundi, but have failed miserably. Either my researching skills are shit, or there’s really nothing to be found, which would be somewhat devastating because if there’s one band which deserves to have reams written about it, it’s Níundi.

I predict that, in time, I’ll write on A Hex On Your Head about all of their songs because everything they’ve made is so enriching and stirring and valuable.

Tap into the power that is imbued within this album! Make…

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