Wyrd Words & Effigies Playlist 2 : In Memory Of Valfar


In 2004 we lost one of the most innovative Black Metal musicians to have ever breathed… And I am not saying this lightly. Terje “Valfar” Bakken, the founder of Norwegian band Windir spawned an entirely new sub-genre of BM known as Sognametal.

Today would have been Valfar’s 39th birthday, and in his honour I’ve put together a playlist of my favourite tracks from the four albums the band released, before his untimely end at the hands of hypothermia. You can find and listen to the playlist here.

If you’ve yet to encounter Windir (You’ll find some solid reading about the band and its history here.) I suggest you sit your arse down, else you’ll be blown the fuck away. Literally.

If Windir has been a part of your life since forever, I’m sure you’ll enjoy this selection. Please leave any thoughts that you might have about the band, the music or the man himself in the comments. I’d be interested to read them.


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