A Collection Of Wyrd Links

I’m sorry for the silence around here for the past week, it’s been…a time. But I’ve missed it here, I’ve missed it so bloody much. Every day there’s been beautifully weird stuff passing my way and each time I’ve thought to myself ‘I need to post that…’

I wanted to share with you links I’ve loved this week. If you find yourself at a loss for things to look at this weekend (not likely, but still…) I’m hoping you’ll enjoy what I’ve collected. Have a wyrd one.

The Worst Paid Freelance Gig In History Was Being The Village Sin Eater

9 of the Strangest Victorian Deaths Reported In The Newspapers

The 13 Scariest Books Of 2016

Krampus And The Old Dark Christmas

Between Darkness And Light : An Interview With Nona Limmen

Step By Step Origami Bat

Full Body Costume Of Artificial Human Teeth

The Ultimate Darkling Holiday Gift Guide

Currently – These Unquiet Things

Featured image is by Nona Limmen.

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