Shopping In The Dark : Deandri

Over at Haute Macabre the other week they posted a photo of a dress from Los Angeles based apparel Deandri and I nearly fucking died. I mean, my heart just went ‘okay, that’s about as much as I can take.’

I immediately shot over to their website and promptly started to weep over their exquisite range of Nosferatu dresses. (The long collared dress is something I would wear until my dying day. It’s so me I can hardly even believe it’s real.) I then made the (happy) mistake of investigating the website further and my wishlist blossomed from one tidy page to several.

While I’m unable to currently fill up a virtual cart with dark loveliness, I have to say the prices (even when not on sale) were refreshingly affordable, making a shopping experience at Deandri in the future something that will actually be able to happen. It’s so often that I need to shelve my dark fashion dreams, that I feel like I ought to thank Deandri before I’ve even passed them my money.

Below you’ll find the things that are topping my wish list.

P.S.Deandri currently have an XXX-mas sale on with 15% – 55% off everything in store!





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