Yuletide At Wyrd Words & Effigies : Katie Metcalfe Photography Gift List

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d been pushing hard with my photography, which included the launch of a new website and now, the weekly release of a new series of recent and unseen photographs. I launched the first collection last Sunday and am making preparations for this Sunday’s release.

Today I lowered the price on every item in my shop. This offer with last until the 13th of December when everything will go back to its original pricing. I’m also excited to announce the unveiling of three new products – acrylic blocks (which look so utterly gorgeous and sublimely different I can hardly believe they’re real), gallery boards and clocks!

I would love for my readers to take advantage of the sale, so have brought together some gift ideas.

Graphic Tees

  1. Winter Dark  2. Not The Road Home II 3. Not The Road Home 

Chiffon Tops


  1. After The Cold Of The Silver Night 2. Preparing For Flight 3. Samhain III

Framed Prints

  1. Witch Of The Northlands  2. Return Of Winter II 3. Blessing Be On This House II

Acrylic Blocks

  1. Forest Blessings 2. Her First Day To Breathe 3. Not The Road Home III






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