Nightingales In December

A creepy, surreal, enigmatic short film by Theodore Ushev. My facvourite part comes close to the end... “This metaphorical surrealist tale is an allusion. NIGHTINGALES IN DECEMBER is a trip into the memories, and the fields of the current realities. What if the Nightingales were working, instead of singing and going south? Is the innocence… Continue reading Nightingales In December


Transfixed by this promo video for SansSourci - a new art book including the work of a whole host of contemporary artists. There's really no better way to spent 1 minute thirty seconds. The theme of the first edition is the 'bestiary' and the exorcism of human ancestral fears through their artistic representation. Our video… Continue reading Transformation

Wyrd Wonders From The Archives: Kin Fables

If you missed the interview with the creators of the exquisite Kin Fables the first time around, I've made life easy for you. Click on the link below the experience one of the most fantastical short films ever created. It's won multiple awards since Wyrd Words & Effigies interviewed the creators a few months back.… Continue reading Wyrd Wonders From The Archives: Kin Fables

Interview : The Creators Of Kin Fables

A few weeks ago, a friend sent me a link to a short film, titled ‘Kin,’ and mentioned how it carried the atmosphere he wanted to convey in live action role-play. I was utterly bewitched from start to finish, and had to sit for a few moments afterwards to gather my thoughts. I remember muttering… Continue reading Interview : The Creators Of Kin Fables