Eliwagar / Pagan Folk

Finding a musical project which engages all of my senses and keeps me coming back for more is extremely rare nowadays, especially where Pagan folk music is concerned. So much of it sounds mediocre and rehashed. So I was delighted to come across Eliwagar the other day (thank you You Tube), a Norse Heathen Neofolk Rock project. Runahild Kvitbjarkan Fjorgynsdottir is the woman at the helm of this extremely productive project. Not only does she harness the vocals, but she is also responsible for the hardanger fiddle, flute, cello, bowed lyre, langeleik, mouth harp and shaman drums. She has session members to help with the creative process, including her husband, Bjorn Dahl.

Inspired by Norwegian folklore, nature and ancient Scandinavia, Runahild crafts music which evokes a yearning for the times of old, and for the beautiful landscapes of the Northlands. I know that for me, her music transports me back to Norway. Back when I walked through  forests in the rain, climbed mountains capped with snow, and admired icicles hanging off the roofs of traditional Norwegian homes. Not only is her music haunting and soothing to the soul, but her accompanying photographic work is just as evocative.












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