They Met Above The Tallest Fir In The Forest

They met above the tallest fir in the forest. The encouragement that I've received from you wonderful people who read my blog has helped to spur me on today. It's been an extremely challenging 1st of January. Emotions that I thought I'd buried, resurfaced and I didn't know how to push them back down. I… Continue reading They Met Above The Tallest Fir In The Forest

I Am In The Strangest Place

I never used to be nervous about writing a blog post. I never used to start and stall, start and stall. I never used to fret about what people might think of how I was expressing myself. But things are different now. I am nervous. I am starting and stalling. I do worry about what… Continue reading I Am In The Strangest Place

Mind In The Dark : Good Things That Have Happened This Weekend

One of the things that I don’t think many people know about me is that I live in a constant state of severe anxiety. It affects pretty much every moment of my waking and sleeping (yes, it gets me in my dreams too) life. The moments when I don’t feel suffocated by the pressure of… Continue reading Mind In The Dark : Good Things That Have Happened This Weekend

An Evening Walk

I had an alright day yesterday. Feels uber weird writing that. But I did. Well, until about 5pm when my mood went downhill too fast for me to try and snatch it back. I'd wanted to go for an evening walk, catch some autumn textures with my camera and watch some spiders spinning. I'd been… Continue reading An Evening Walk