See You On The Other Side Of The Crow Moon

This past week hasn't been especially easy. (I'm really not happy with how much of a struggle this year has been thus far. It seems I'm pretty much always starting a post telling you about how difficult life is.) Mid-week, I was plagued, yet again, with severe health anxieties that had a detrimental effect on… Continue reading See You On The Other Side Of The Crow Moon

Write For The Arctic – Climate Change Poetry Writing Prompts

Last year, as I watched walruses falling to their deaths on Our Planet, my breath caught in my throat. When I was finally able to release it, it came out as an almighty sob. I started to shake. It was one of the most harrowing things I'd ever witnessed. Sadness overwhelmed me. Then fury. I… Continue reading Write For The Arctic – Climate Change Poetry Writing Prompts

Art Of The Qalupalik

The other day when I was talking on Facebook about my obsession with the Wendigo, a friend from Baffin Island mentioned to me the Inuit myth of Qalupalik. (Since I learned how to pronounce Qalupalik I haven't been able to stop saying it to myself! It's such a wonderful word to say aloud.) The Qalupalik… Continue reading Art Of The Qalupalik