See You On The Other Side Of The Crow Moon

This past week hasn’t been especially easy. (I’m really not happy with how much of a struggle this year has been thus far. It seems I’m pretty much always starting a post telling you about how difficult life is.) Mid-week, I was plagued, yet again, with severe health anxieties that had a detrimental effect on my functioning, so much so that I ended up in Urgent Care at the local hospital on Saturday. I burst into tears when the lovely nurse told me that what I thought was cancer wasn’t cancer. A note of thanks is winging its way to Urgent Care this week. The fact that, despite the craziness that is this pandemic and the stress the NHS are under, they saw me, recognized the anguish I was in and treated me is worthy of that at the very least.

Health woes aside, I thought I’d quickly – quickly because it’s getting on this Sunday night, and I need to make my bed which will take me the good part of an hour. I jest. But it feels like it takes that long. – share with you what I’ve been watching and reading this week. There hasn’t been much listening aside from blizzard ambience because my head couldn’t handle anything else. When my mental health acts up, being able to listen to actual music is one of the first things affected.

Also, I should mention why this post is called See You On The Other Side Of The Crow Moon. I’m not going to be posting for a week because I must knuckle down on one of my projects and get the first draft finished. If you need me for anything though, you can get in touch at I thought it would be better to say something than just go quiet – as I’ve oft done in the past – so you don’t think I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil.

What I’ve Been Watching

The Terror / The other day I finished watching this ten-part series based on Dan Simmon’s novel about Franklin’s fated Arctic expedition in the 1840s. It was so fucking good I’m still trying to find to words other than so fucking good to effectively capture my response to it. I did write briefly about the series on my blog The Girl With Cold Hands, though this was before I’d finished the first episode. Here’s a trailer, and the impeccably creepy intro.

What I’ve Been Reading


Give Me My Father’s Body: The Life Of Minik The New York Eskimo by Kenn Harper

Ice Bear: A Natural An Unnatural History Of The Polar Bear by Keiran Mulvaney

Surfacing by Kathleen Jamie

The Terror by Dan Simmons

Ice: The Nature, the History, and the Uses of an Astonishing Substance by Marina Gosnell

Daily Rituals: How Great Minds Make Time, Find Inspiration, and Get to Work by Mason Currey

Articles (Not all are recent.)

What happened on HMS Terror? Divers plan return to Franklin wrecks

The Terror review – an icy chiller with echoes of our present

Canadian airport in Inuit ‘ill-omen’ art row

Fantastic arctic fox: animal walks 3,500km from Norway to Canada

Deep Nostalgia: ‘creepy’ new service uses AI to animate old family photos (Thanks to the lovely Sarah at Unquiet Things for pointing me in its direction!)

Chinese hotel with polar bear enclosure opens to outrage

Meet The Qilakitsoq Mummies, The Eerily ‘Freeze-Dried’ Inuits

The Qilakitsoq Mummies: Who Were They, and How Did They Die?

Between The Lines: The History And Revival Of Inuit Face Tattoos

1 thought on “See You On The Other Side Of The Crow Moon”

  1. Good that they were able to allay your fears at the urgent care place. The year might not be starting out too well but I have a feeling this will be a great summer. And I’m not exactly an optimist!

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