Haar : The Infernal Sea : Blind Spite

If you live in the North of England and have nothing to do this Thursday night, then I highly recommend that you turn off your phone, put down the lid of your laptop, grab a fiver and head on down to the Northumberland Arms in Newcastle for 7.30pm where Haar, The Infernal Sea and Blind… Continue reading Haar : The Infernal Sea : Blind Spite

Interview : James Watts

The work of artist James Watts intrigues and fascinates me. When I first came across it my first thought was ‘this is exactly the sort of art Wyrd Words & Effigies needs to be showcasing.’ The following interview presents an insight into the mind and creations of one mulch-talented individual, who looks far beyond the… Continue reading Interview : James Watts

Interview : Cumbrian Black/Death Band Blind Spite

Can you please provide some background information about Blind Spite? When and where was the band formed? Also, can you please provide some insight into the name? We are a blackened death metal band from Cumbria, and have been active since around 1996, with myriad personnel and sound changes and developments over that time. The… Continue reading Interview : Cumbrian Black/Death Band Blind Spite