5 October Haiku By Mallory Rowe

As some of you may know, I was fully intending on re-launching Wyrd Words & Effigies Magazine this year, however, it was not to be, at least not in 2017 anyway.

I did receive some exceptional submissions of writing and art, and I felt awful that I wouldn’t be able to publish them in printed form. So I decided the next best thing would be to publish them here.

It’s such an honour to feature the work of Mallory Rowe, a full-time writer and the author of Looking Inward: 50 Haiku For Reflection And Introspection. I hope you find yourself as immersed in her 5 October Haiku as I have been over the past few weeks.

*If you’d like your creative writing or art to be considered for publication here on the blog, I will be putting up submission guidelines shortly.


The dark dominates
Across the land–and within–
As Autumn arrives



Decay with me, love;
We will be the blood flowing
Within the Earth’s veins




Every shiver comes,
Not with the October nights,
But your haunting soul



Decay begins now–
Sped up by creepy crawlies
Hungry for grey skin


Wind-whipped and rain-beaten
She ran to meet him and sign
That infamous book


About The Author

Mallory Rowe has been writing poetry for over ten years, but she is currently passionate about haiku and senryu specifically. After graduating from the University of Alabama at Huntsville with a degree in Art History and English, she continued to write poetry in her spare time.

Mallory enjoys being outdoors, and she often uses her observations of nature in her work. She is also an avid reader of philosophy and science, from which she draws much inspiration.

Her dream has always been to write full-time, and she feels blessed to be able to live that dream. She self-published her first book, Looking Inward: 50 Haiku for Reflection and Introspection, on Amazon as a Kindle edition in January 2015 and has been published in several issues of her universities’ literary magazines.

She is currently working on her next book of haiku and senryu and raising her daughter with her partner in Tallahassee, Florida.

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