Sound Of The Day : Nachtzeit

I didn’t realise that my head needed some black metal heavily influenced by the primitive sound of the old days…but when Nachtzeit popped up on my Bandcamp search, and it was actually massively listenable, I was so god damn appreciative.

The project Nachtzeit is manned by the Swede behind ambient OMBM project Lustre, and its just really, really, really fucking brilliant. Perfectly minimal with superbly demonized vocals, it’s hugely satisfying Nordic black metal.

While Nachtzeit has been described as for ‘Followers of Burzum & Ildjarn,’ I also get a Mortiis Era 1 vibe with one of the tracks from Sagor I Natten – my favourite release of the two he’s put out there with this project. Below you’ll find the first track…and one I just cannot stop ‘blasting’ from my piddly laptop speakers.

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