4 Wyrd Crates I Want To Subscribe To Today

How late am I to this crate subscription thing? I have the feeling it’s been quite a long while since it kicked off, at least a couple of years. But like usual, I’m late to the party and scrabbling to catch up. My first introduction to the craze was via Witch Casket and Wioleth, who did a live video on Instagram where she talked about some incense that came in her crate.

The concept is really simple. Basically, customers sign up for a monthly delivery, of which everything has been thoughtfully hand picked by a trusted vendor. Subscription crates are, apparently, one of the fastest growing trends in the start up world, and no matter how obscure your interests, you’ll find something that suits youThere are crates suiting every budget. The cheapest I’ve seen is $5 and the most expensive, $125.

I’ve have found dozens and dozens of crates which I would love to just throw my money at. I’m doing plenty of creative visualization, visualizing myself earning enough to treat myself to a couple of crates a month because, well, life can be difficult, and knowing there’s going to be something coming every month, something really fucking special can work wonders in seeing you through the hard times, when you just want to crawl under the earth and stay there.

I really hope there are plenty of you who’re in the position where you can subscribe to at least one, because I think they’re a fucking excellent idea. And there’s nothing better than getting something through the post that you actually want.

Here I’ve selected four of my favourites from the dozens I’ve found. If you want to look further, I suggest creeping over to CrateJoy where you can search for your own peculiarities.

The Nocturnal Readers Box


Who’s It’s For?

Fans of literature in the genres of horror, fantasy, sci-fi and psychological thriller.

What Do You Get?

  • Newly Released Novels
  • Previously Released Novel (Not Used)
  • Custom Themed Art Print
  • 1-2 Wearable Items
  • 6-8 Items in Every Box!
  • $60-80 Value in every box!

What Do You Pay?

$35 per month.

Wild Medicine Box By Tamed Wild Apothecary


Who’s It For?

Any soul who is passionate about herbal, plant and earth healing. Or if you are wishing to initiate someone into the healing powers of mother nature, it could be an ideal gift.

What Do You Get?

Each Wild Medicine Box contains 5-7 old world herbal healing items, including full size products from our Apothecary. Our kits are created around a theme or common ailment & provide an assortment of natural alternatives to modern medicinal options. Boxes can include herbal remedies, teas, incense, crystals, candles, smudges & other eclectic items

What Do You Pay?

$19, $35 or $55 per month depending on which box you choose.

The Moon Box Shop


Who’s It For?

Any practicing witch.

What Do You Get?

  • Handmade and Blessed Candles
  • Appropriate Sigil and Spells from our Personal Book of Shadows
  • Smudge, Herbs and Incense that correlate with the Present Energies.
  • High Quality Ritual Tools & Altar Tools
  • Handmade Magickal Oils & Sacred Salts (Bath Salts)

What Do You Pay?

$45 per month.

Magickal Folk


Who’s It For?

Experienced witches.

What Do You Get?

Each month you challenge us to curate a special kit based on your chosen theme! We are all ears and love to hear about the magick that interests you and its our honor to curate such energies in a monthly kit!! We try to make as much as possible by hand including candles, teas, incense, herbal body products, perfumes, and jewelry!

What Do You Pay?

From $5 – $125 per month.

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