The Wyrd Is Back


I knew I wouldn’t be able to say goodbye for long.  I was like a mother who was denying her baby the breast…I felt bloody terrible for stepping away.

A few days after I made my ‘last’ post, where I talked about not knowing the future of Wyrd Words & Effigies, I was itching to tell you about this and that and the other. I was already making notes of what I wanted to share when I came back, despite not knowing when the hell that would be. Those scattered notes are now saved as scattered Word documents on my desktop. I never stopped thinking about my readers!

Some bits and pieces have happened since I let things rest here. For starters, I said farewell to several other blogs I’ve been maintaining for years…and welcomed a new one, A Living Witch into the now less crowded fold.

I also established a little shop selling wyrd stuff for wyrd people, and I finally I got around to putting together a Patreon page where I’m asking for supporting in achieving a 26 year old dream of becoming a self-sufficient writer. I’m also putting down foundations for the setting up of an Indie press called Bookult, and there’s plans in the works for my solo poetry show Arctic Fever. It’s been a chaotic first quarter.


As for the re-vamp of the site…it was WELL overdue. I’d stuck with the same theme since the launch in 2013. The look you see now was all pulled together today. (WordPress themes are the bane of my bloody existence.) It’s pretty fucking beautiful, if you ask me. It’s neater, easier to navigate and, while it still has that essential darkly inclined feeling, it’s somewhat more mature. I hope you like it, and if you have any feedback, leave it for me to find.

I have so much dark and juicy content planned that you’re going to want to Follow to make sure you don’t miss something that could speak to you.

For now, I’ll leave you to have a wander, maybe catch up on some stuff you missed before, before the dark avalanche begins.

Stay forever wyrd,


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