Review : Suspira Magazine – The Monster Issue

When I found out that Dreadful Press - the home to the astoundingly good Sabat Magazine - were putting out another publication, I was on it like a whippet. Sadly, at the time of the launch of Suspira : The Monster Issue, I was skint (it's a running theme this, folks) and didn't have the… Continue reading Review : Suspira Magazine – The Monster Issue

Intriguing Instagrammers : Sabat Magazine

To say I'm obsessed with Sabat Magazine is to put it lightly...I don't know what life was before Sabat came along, and I'm impatiently waiting to hear what editor Elizabeth Krohn, i.e. the newly anointed goddess of print, has planned next. The Sabat Magazine Instagram page is a reflection of what the witchcraft orientated  magazine offers. It's… Continue reading Intriguing Instagrammers : Sabat Magazine

Sabat Magazine 2 : The Mother Issue

My friends on Facebook are clued into my psyche, they know what makes me tick. The other day I was alerted to the publication of Sabat Magazine 2 : The Mother Issue and promptly took myself to investigate. Like its predecessor, Issue 2 is a heavy tome, dense with striking imagery and exquisite texts. It's… Continue reading Sabat Magazine 2 : The Mother Issue