Intriguing Instagrammers : Sabat Magazine

To say I’m obsessed with Sabat Magazine is to put it lightly…I don’t know what life was before Sabat came along, and I’m impatiently waiting to hear what editor Elizabeth Krohn, i.e. the newly anointed goddess of print, has planned next.

The Sabat Magazine Instagram page is a reflection of what the witchcraft orientated  magazine offers. It’s smart. It’s fucking sassy. (A word I don’t think I’ve ever used here before…) It’s deep as hell when you need a portion of the serious shit, and as light as a levitating witch when you need to laugh hard.

It reminds me of witches I thought the world had forgotten about, and it teaches me of witches who make life better by existing. It’s varied and creative and updated so bloody often than I’m forever having to backtrack. It surprises me. It never leaves me disappointed. It’s an Instagram page that I know I can rely on whatever moon/mood I’m in.

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